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 Stoners Techniques

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PostSubject: Stoners Techniques   Stoners Techniques I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 01, 2010 8:37 am

Name: Static Nerves (its passive)

What does it do: The rate at which electric signals are transmitted between the nerves in his body are passively increased, which increase his body speed and reaction speed substantially.

Damage: None
Name: Chain Lightning

What does it do: Stoner launches a stream of lightning that is able to bounce from one target to another.

Damage: Medium
Name: Lightning Bolt

What does it do: Stoner is able to bring down a massive bolt of lightning from the sky striking a target area.

Damage: High at place of impact, gets weaker further away from the middle.
Name: Energy Shield

What does it do: Stoner covers his body in a layer of electricity.

Damage: None
Name: Charged Fists

What does it do: Stoner relies on his brawling ability and increases the power of his blows by imbuing them with lightning

Damage: High
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Stoners Techniques
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