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Based on two Worlds. The Real world and Dreamland. The world where anything is possible
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 Storyline. U Should Read this. Kinda important

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Storyline. U Should Read this. Kinda important Empty
PostSubject: Storyline. U Should Read this. Kinda important   Storyline. U Should Read this. Kinda important I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 23, 2010 12:50 pm

The are two worlds the real world where nothing happens accept for normal life. Only humans dwell here and live a basic life.
Then there is Dreamland where anything is possible. Where a nobody can become a somebody and the other way around. A world based on dreams, but it is real, very real.

In dreamland there are travellers, demons, animals other species created from peoples dreams and Nightmare Lords. Travellers usaully aquire special powers to aid them in there travel around Dreamland, things can get very dangerous. But those powers are only available in Dreamland.

Travellers are able to acces the real world and dream land. A person can only get into Dreamland when they are sleep and when they awake they enter the real world again, quite simple. Demons and Nightmare lords are only living in Dreamland, they cannot acces the real world. Some wish to change that.

In dreamland Nightmare lords are very powerful, and evil, they will stop at nothing to take over Dreamland and the Real world. Some travellers wish to stop this, some wish to help it depends on what you wanna do.

(To the people interested in reading the manga there's the link below. It is very different from other manga, so beware. But thats why I like it so much. Reading the manga will give you more of an idea on how this works. Again this isnt like other manga, with the big eyes and flawless faces. The art is different I love the artwork but thats just me. The plot is awsome and the characters are unique. I love it, pehaps you would like it to.)


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Storyline. U Should Read this. Kinda important
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