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 Noah's Ghosts...

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PostSubject: Noah's Ghosts...   Noah's Ghosts... I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 29, 2010 4:56 am

Noah creates ghosts based off his imagination. From his sister's to his comics. All of his ghosts come from somewhere he thought of.

Name: Toothless
What does it do: Noah creates small mist ghost looking dragon to ride on. The Dragon is not the big only about eight feet tall when it stands. But its strong enough to ride on, and it flies fast. For now about 80 mph and getting faster. Based on his favorite cartoon movie.
Damage: none

Name: Nikki and Vikki
What does it do: Noah summons two female twins to help him in battle. One has a blade the other a rather large cannon rifle. These two help Noah in combat when he needs it. One surving for close combat the other for long ranged. Based on his older sisters
Damage: none

Name: Ghoul Cannon
What does it do: Vikki fires off her gun shooting a powerful blast of bullets. The bullets come out mist like. Noah is able to use it this gun aswell.
Damage: High

Name: Spirit Splitter
What does it do: Nikki swings her blade and releases a arc of white mist.
Damage: medium

Name: Gobbler
What does it do: Noah summon's a ghost kind of monster like. Its fat with a round belly but quite small only about three feet. But Gobbler is capable of eating anything coming its way, anything. Gobbler is used for defence eating things nearly ten times his size. He is also able to throw it back up, sort of a repel attack.
Damage: Depending

Name: Detmos
What does it do: Noah Summons a large ghost. Stands about ten feet tall and has alot of muscle. Large body and coffins hung all over his back. Detmos serves as Noah's primary use for full out attack. His punches are very hard and destrutive. With his attack called Detmos Smash, he is very similar to the hulk.
Damage: High

Name: Soul Chompers
What does it do: Noah strikes his fists forward and a black mist like jaw appears around his fist increasing the power behind his strike. The jaws are actually alive and are ghosts.
Damage: medium

Name: Soul Chompersx2
What does it do: Instead of just increasing his power. The jaws actually stretch out to reach the target and they come from more the just his fist, they have small little red eyes just above the jaw that is full of many sharp teeth. They are very hard to get rid off, and pack huge power.
Damage: High

Name: Yata's Ghost Mirror
What does it do: Noah summons a tall mirror with a skull face in it, that talks from time to time. This mirrow is used to reflect any attack coming its way. But this move can only be used once maybe twice a day. Do to Yata's refusal to listen.
Damage: Depending

Name: Izanagi
What does it do: A talking ghost sword, that Noah summons to help in close combat. Like Yata it doesnt like to be used unless really needed. A great weaon only problem is its mouth. Izanagi can change size and form, unable to break and can make more blades come out from mist.
Damage: High/medium
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Noah's Ghosts...
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