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Based on two Worlds. The Real world and Dreamland. The world where anything is possible
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 Kuro Inuzami

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PostSubject: Kuro Inuzami   Kuro Inuzami I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 03, 2011 8:26 am

The Basics

Name:Kuro Inuzami

Nick Name:Black Lightning ,Zaaziiing!!!(only people who know him well know about the Zaaziiing part. They usually say it will poking him in the sides or somewhere equally ticklish)




Likes:food, relaxing, bugging older people, pranking and tricking out emenys.

Dislikes:Nightmares, evil beings, big jerks

Personality:For thsoe who first meet him, a few words will come immeditlly to mind,obnoxious,annoying, kid brat. But when you get to know him hes just carefree enough to not care about what he says. He'd fight anything, anytime. he has a unbreakable spirit, you ussauly got to go all out unless you're strong to beat him.He loves relaxing in a suns rays, despite his usual hyperness. Hes actually very kind, but covers this up with a brawlers personality.he hates being called shorty

The Appearence

Height4'' feet


Eye color:Lightning Blue

Hair color:Blue and dark gray

Hair Style:very spiky, Dark gray by the bangs and blue everywhere else.

Appearance:He's short, and slim,even though he's 15. He has shin-length camoshorts on, and wears a black sleeveless tee ,he also wears a pendant of the norse rune for protection on his neck.his foot gear seems to be steelplate reinforced hiking boots, and the steel is around his heel and toe. He wears gloves that look like offical fighting gloves, also reinforsed with steel.


Power: He has the power of Electro-Shadow. Its a combination of darkness and lightning, from his combined fear of the dark and live wires, which took his uncle.

Talents/ Abilities:Excellent bladed weapons skills, fine balance, and good jumoing skill. he's also very good at angering oppenants and twisting their anger to his avantage (i.e.He angers mook, mook tries to takle him, he ducks and mook headbutts the rockface behind him.

History:A young martail artist in the real world, he brings these skills Dreamland. It all started when his uncle was repairing a machine. all he had to do was to was flip a switch. But the lights went out, and the uncle grabbed a live wire instead. He died of eletricty damage, and eversince , Kuro has had a fear of the things that killed him. this had happened when he was eleven. Last night, Kuro had a dream, in which he had to struggle through a web of wires and a pitch black room to flip a gaint switch, flooding the room with light and giving him the powers of the things that were torturing him since he was eleven.

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Kuro Inuzami
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