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PostSubject: Muchitsujo    Muchitsujo  I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 29, 2010 9:32 am

Deep within the Northern lands of Dreamland sits the Kingdom of Muchitsujo. Muchitsujo is one of the most unforgiving and relentless Kingdoms in all of Dreamland. With winds blowing strong enough to knock a grown man off his feet and carry those along its currents who are unprepared. The entire surface is covered in unthawing ice, seeming to exist solely to cause the unwary interloper to fall off the treacherous slopes and cliffs. If not careful, one could slip off one mountain, only to be impaled on the peak of another. The only "sanctuary" within Muchitsujo is the temple in the center of the spanse of the Kingdom. While not in the exact center, it is viewable regardless of where you are within the Kingdom. Muchitsujo is truly only for those who have proven themselves and wish to test their limits without fear.

The temple in the center of Muchitsujo is not just any ordinary temple. The temple is the home of the Nightmare Lord and his followers. Dreamers and Travelers alike dare not approach the temple, for it is believed. Once a person enters the temple they are never heard from again.

Muchitsujo  Jotunheim

*This is just a description, you don't actual post here*

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THIS IS KILLER KINGDOM my person will die by slipping on the surface and knock his head somewhere

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This is were we RP. Can you not post non-character things please? I know you didn't know so it's ok

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