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 Da Rules! Yes U must READ!

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Da Rules! Yes U must READ! Empty
PostSubject: Da Rules! Yes U must READ!   Da Rules! Yes U must READ! I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 22, 2010 11:33 am

1. No God-modding- Of course you see this everywhere. Do I really need to explain.

2. No one-liner posts- If you have nothing else to write and just feeling lazy. You are allowed to post pretty short. I do it sometimes, even though I hate it. But dont make it a habbit. Lets say posts are to be longer then 4 lines atleast.

3. Respect the fellow rper's of the site and other people. ya ya ya. You should know that too

4. Dont post in two topics at a time. You can only be in one place since you are one person...but if you have powers of a clone. Dont mind this : P

5. No metagaming blah blah blah

6. Uuummmm....follow the rules. I think that should be a rule.

7. Dont nag the Admins and mods about things. We have a life. But what you ask for will get done. As soon as possible.

8. Kind of goes under God-modding. But be creative with your powers. I wont allow something that makes you able to do anything.

9. Be nice, no assholes here, unless your a funny asshole.

10. Read the Rules. That should be a rule to. XD

11. Its a pretty mature site. I mean some stuff goes on here and there. And who doesnt know about sex by now. I mean come on. But if your topic does go that far, please put a warning of some kind.

12. Umm thats it. But there WILL be updates...if i feel like it.

I am a very laid back and cool guy. so just be cool oohhh got number 13. But yea just have fun and all will be well : P

13. Be Cool...
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Da Rules! Yes U must READ!
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