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 Addy's Techniques

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PostSubject: Addy's Techniques   Addy's Techniques I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 01, 2010 8:01 am

Name: D. Black
What does it do: A sharp blade is produced to slash or stab.
Damage: Depends on how sharp the blade is, but mostly medium.
Name: D. Dagger
What does it do: A small dagger inside the sleeve or hidden place for a surprise attack.
Damage: Low
Name: Arrowhead
What does it do: Throws a sharp arrow-like blade
Damage: Medium
Name: Barrier
What does it do: Create a wall of shadow that blocks attacks.
Damage: None
Name: Shadow Puppet
What does it do: The shadow of the enemy comes alive and is controlled by Addy.
Damage: Depends on the strength of whoever’s shadow it is.
Name: Shadow Bind
What does it do: Paralyzes the enemy, but she has to be in contact with the shadow.
Damage: None
Name: Tele-shadow
What does it do: Allows Addy to travel to any other shadow anywhere. The farther it is the more energy she uses.
Damage: None
Name: Black Widow
What does it do: Leg-like shadows lift her off the ground, either to walk with or to hammer with.
Damage: Medium
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Addy's Techniques
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